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HENDRY building surveying consultants provide Building Permits, Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates, Building Approvals, Building Certificates, BCA audits, Due Diligence reports,bca2011 Fire Safety Upgrades, Authority negotiations, BCA Alternative Solutions, and Aged Care Audits. These are just some of the building surveying services provided by the HENDRY building surveyors.

Having introduced and pioneered private building surveying certification in Australia in 1988, HENDRY building surveying consultants have extensive building surveying and essential safety measures, essential fire safety measures, and fire safety installation experience in all sectors of the building and property industries, from government and industrial, to commercial and mining.

Why Choose HENDRY Building Surveyors?

  • HENDRY building surveyors have the experience and professionalism in building surveying necessary to ensure that client and contract objectives are met.
  • TabletHENDRY building surveyors are experts in formulating risk mitigation strategies in property compliance, ensuring that clients protect their assets and achieve optimal results from their property portfolio.
  • Our continued building surveying professional development, our quality assured systems, our broad property sector experience and our personal service all combine to ensure clients receive maximum return on their consultancy services investment.

HENDRY Building Surveyors Service Advantage

As part of its operations throughout Australia and with offices in most States, HENDRY building surveyors provide a comprehensive suite of building surveying consultancy services in the evaluation of designs (building certifier), auditing properties and the issuing of building approvals.

HENDRY building surveying services are based on State and Territory legislation, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) (including alternative solutions) and Australian Standards, providing clients with a complete service for their property related needs.

Building Surveying Building Audits

sa_fire_safety_auditsSince the BCA does not apply to buildings retrospectively and is being continually being revised and improved, building surveyors will advise that most buildings in Australia does not comply with the current building surveying requirements of the BCA or building permits conditions. Building owner wishing to sell, or a prospective purchaser of a building therefore, may need to know whether the building complies with the current BCA in such areas as fire safety provisions, health and amenity provisions, access for disabled, services compliance, consequences of building permits and services lift expectancy.

HENDRY building surveyors can provide building owners or prospective building purchasers with an accurate building surveying assessment of the compliance status of a building, so that informed decisions can be made.

Fire Safety Engineering & Alternative Solutions

Building Surveyors recognise that the deemed to satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia can often impose unnecessary building costs as a result of conservative building surveying provisions. The BCA however, is a performance-based code, and its performance requirements allows building surveyors to achieve an alternative solution to prescriptive specified standards that allow for alternative innovative, safe and cost effective building designs to be presented.

HENDRY building surveyors have the building surveying qualifications and experience necessary to assess fire safety engineered performance-based alternative solutions, and we can assist you with your requirements.